Changwon, the city of art in South Korea

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Changwon, the city of art in South Korea
Situated in the southeastern region of Korea, Changwon is the most ideal investment destination in Korea because of its top-of-the-line industrial infrastructure, including seamless harbor and road systems, bountiful human resources, and cluster-based industry-academia partnerships.

  • The House of Changwon

    The House of ChangwonThe House of Changwon

    This is a hanok (traditional Korean house) built in the Joseon Dynasty, where An Du-cheol, a fifth-generation descendant of the Sunheung An family clan, resided 200 years ago. It is an education center where visitors can learn about the traditional culture of Korea. On display inside the buildings are farming tools that were once used by Koreans, and beeswax figures reenacting scenes from the Joseon dynasty, thereby offering visitors a chance to travel back in time. Popular among photographers for its well-kept garden and architectural beauty, the House of Changwon offers use free of charge for couples holding a traditional wedding here.

  • Changwon City Museum

    Changwon City MuseumChangwon City Museum

    Changwon City Museum is an art museum dedicated to the internationally recognized artist Moon Shin (1923–1995), who spent a good part of his life in France. The art museum was completed after 14 years of construction under the guidance of the artist himself, who also designed the building. It is comprised of three exhibition halls housing around 290 works, including this artist-slash-founder's own sculptures and oil paintings that each display a great deal of artistry. In addition, the museum is situated on the hill overlooking Masan Bay, so visitors to the museum can also take in the great scenery.

  • Gagopa Kkoburang-gil Mural Village

    Gagopa Kkoburang-gil Mural VillageGagopa Kkoburang-gil Mural Village

    Gagopa Kkoburang-gil Mural Village can be reached by walking through the alleys leading down from Changwon City Museum. It is a small village, the walls of which are decorated with mural paintings illustrating the old landscape of Changwon, such as its sea and port, as well as other diverse themes like animals, flowers, pop art, and more.

    Some of the meaningful places in the village, including its 100-year-old well and the senior citizen center, have been turned into photo zones for visitors to capture the colorful murals. Climb up the stairs flanked by these mural drawings to get a magnificent birds-eye view of Masan Port. The village is a must-visit destination in Changwon, but it is also a residential area for locals, so visitors are advised to look around quietly.

  • Changdong Art Village

    Changdong Art VillageChangdong Art Village

    Changdong Art Village was created by redeveloping Changdong Street, a declining yet once-thriving downtown of the old Masan city (now consolidated into Changwon City). As ateliers, cafes, and galleries took over the vacant stores, the empty town has been transformed into a street of art, characterized by its distinctly romantic ambiance.

    A great number of unique murals and popular photo spots hide behind every corner, offering a joyful experience of exploring the alleys. The Changdong Art Village Art Center, easily spottable during one's tour of the village, displays an array of artworks by international artists and also provides tourist information.

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