Seoul's best kept secret park that you may not know

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Seoul's best kept secret park that you may not know
Not often found in a guide book of Seoul, Dongdaemun City Wall Park is one of the best hidden places in Seoul. This area offers spectacular photography opportunities by day and night. It is also the perfect place for a picnic in the middle of Seoul.

  • Heunginjimun Gate

    Heunginjimun GateHeunginjimun Gate

    Dongdaemun City Wall Park lies to the north of Korea’s national treasure no. 1, Heunginjimun Gate. One of Seoul’s most important landmarks, tourists often visit the gate but are unaware that just a few meters across the road lies a spectacular viewpoint of Seoul’s Dongdaemun area. In ancient Korea, this gate was one of eight main gates along Seoul’s city wall. Heunginjimun Gate is situated on the east side of the outer wall of Seoul Fortress. The main function of this structure was to protect important government buildings.

  • Dongdaemun City Wall Park

    Dongdaemun City Wall ParkDongdaemun City Wall Park

    Heavy traffic means you need to cross the street by using the underground subway tunnels from Heunginjimun Gate. Once on the other side, continue walking up the hill and when you turn around, you will be rewarded with one of Seoul’s most precious views. Come here in the early evening to enjoy the sunset and stay longer to embrace Dongdaemun’s bustling atmosphere. On top of that, the combination of old and new buildings perfectly represents Seoul and, indeed, Korean culture.

  • Seoul City Wall

    Seoul City WallSeoul City Wall

    There are a total of six different trails along Seoul’s fortress wall, ranging from 1.8 km (1.1 miles) to 4.7 km (2.9 miles) in length and covering a total length of 18.6 km (11.5 miles). The wall stretches along many of Seoul’s mountains making a beautiful trail for the more advanced hiker.

  • Seoul City Wall Museum

    Seoul City Wall MuseumSeoul City Wall Museum

    Visitors who not only want to appreciate the splendid views when following the fortress wall can also learn more about the wall’s deep rooted history at the Seoul City Wall Museum. The museum is conveniently located inside Dongdaemun City Wall Park and showcases a great collection of historical artifacts relating to the transformation of Seoul. There is a permanent exhibition, as well as regularly changing special exhibitions. Admission is free for this beautiful Seoul museum.

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