Enjoy the autumn cuisine in Korea

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Enjoy the autumn cuisine in Korea
Autumn in Korea is referred as “the season of high sky and stout horses,” which means that skies are clear and grains are fully ripened. As the proverb implies, there is many foods in Korea you can savor in the season. Here is a short list of things you must enjoy in fall in Korea.

  • Blue Crab

    Blue CrabBlue Crab

    Blue crab is mostly abundant during spring and autumn where the plump meat of the male crab is the best. The crab can be prepared in various ways such as in soup like the picture above or steamed, shelled, or eaten plain. It really depends on your taste! Moreover, crab shells contain calcium and chitin with essential amino acids and vitamins located in the meat. Delicious and beneficial for your health!

  • Gizzard Shad

    Gizzard ShadGizzard Shad

    In the fall, gizzard shads store up plenty of nutrients for the long, cold winter; meaning they are packed with healthy oils and plenty of flavor. The best months to eat these delicious fish are between late September and mid-November. Larger gizzard shads are higher in fat, so make sure to pick a fish over 15cm to enjoy the fish’s true taste.

    There are many ways to cook and eat gizzard shads. Slices of raw gizzard shads taste best when wrapped in lettuce and seasoned with chili and garlic sauce. The spicy taste of a seasoned gizzard shad platter mixed with various vegetables and condiments is also a local favorite. However, the best way to cook gizzard shad is to take a whole fish, salt it lightly, and put it on the grill.

  • Jumbo Prawns

    Jumbo PrawnsJumbo Prawns

    Jumbo prawn is another seafood that tastes the best in autumn. Filled with sweet flesh from September to December, prawns are enjoyed in various forms, grilled on top of a bed of salts, to name one.

    In the port cities like Incheon and Busan, you can find the freshest prawns ready to be enjoyed. Some of the street food vendors prepare them as a whole and serve deep-fried, which is available only when fresh.

  • Pine Mushrooms

    Pine MushroomsPine Mushrooms

    This small yet flavorful mushroom is a rare find and is referred to as the diamonds in the forest because of their high nutritional value and efficacy. The pine mushroom is harvested in autumn and is known to help protect the stomach, prevent geriatric diseases, and prevent cancer! This mushroom can be cooked with other ingredients or simply sliced and grilled over a light fire.

  • Fruits – Apple, Pear, and Persimmon

    Fruits – Apple, Pear, and PersimmonFruits – Apple, Pear, and Persimmon

    Fall is the season when many of the fruits grow fully ripened. Among many, apple, pear, and persimmon represent autumn fruits of Korea.

    As Koreans enjoy fruits as a dessert, people tend to regard the sweetness as the most important thing when choosing a fruit. Fruits enjoyed in fall are not only sweet but also rich in nutrients.

  • Corn


    The most famous food item to be part of any Korean dish is corn. From cheese corn to actual meals, corn is everywhere in Korea. Autumn is a great time to experience the sweet steamed corn also found at food vendors. Nothing wraps up a nice autumn Korean experience like eating steamed corn on a stick while exploring the beautiful culture of Korea.

  • Sujeonggwa


    Sujeonggwa is a Korean traditional cinnamon punch that is made from dried persimmons, cinnamon, ginger, and often garnished with pine nuts. This drink can be served cold or warm. Sujeonggwa is known to be prepared in the Goryeo era by palace women on New Years' Day!

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