What to do in Sokcho, Korea

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What to do in Sokcho, Korea
Nestled in the northeast corner of Korea, Sokcho is a small town known for its gorgeous seaside and breathtaking mountainous landscape.

Despite its modest size, Sokcho is one-of-a-kind gem that can reveal a side of Korea you have never experienced before. To give you a glimpse into Sokcho’s unique character, here is a list of exciting things that can only be done in this charming coastal town.
  • Visit Abai Village

    Visit Abai VillageVisit Abai Village

    It is the hometown to many people of North Korean ancestry. Abai means an aged person. Many elderly people fled to there from North Korea during the Korean War.

    Abai Village are lined with small Korean houses reminding many of Seoul in the 1970s. This place became extremely popular because of the Korean drama ”Autumn in My Heart”, “Autumn in My Heart” is a 2000 South Korean romantic drama, starring Song Seung Heon, Song Hye Kyo and Won Bin. Nowadays, many Korean people come here to try the Abai Sundae, where they stuff a squid with a mixture of clear noodles, tofu, vegetables, and even squid.

  • Check out Sokcho’s Daepo Port

    Check out Sokcho’s Daepo PortCheck out Sokcho’s Daepo Port

    This is the main fish market in Sokcho and feels pretty much like an outdoor aquarium. You can select the live fish you want to eat from one of the many vendors and they will prepare right in front of you for the freshest of seafood.

  • Admire Biryong Falls

    Admire Biryong FallsAdmire Biryong Falls

    While in Seoraksan National Park, you can also pay a visit to the majestic Biryong Falls. To get to this a roaring wonder of nature, you need to hike for about five kilometres from the entrance to the park. Once you reach the falls, you can relax with the sound of gushing water or dip your toes in the cool, refreshing water.

  • Take a trip to Cheongchoho Lake

    Take a trip to Cheongchoho LakeTake a trip to Cheongchoho Lake

    Cheongchoho Lake is in the center of the Sokcho city, and you can spot the lake easily from downtown Sokcho. The Expo Tower, Expo World and Expo Excursion Steamer is located near Cheongchoho Lake which were constructed for the 1999 Gangwon International Tourism Expo. Visitors can take a slow walk and refreshing the brain in here!

  • Get your cuddles at the Teddy Bear Farm

    Get your cuddles at the Teddy Bear FarmGet your cuddles at the Teddy Bear Farm

    Because who does not love teddy bears? Believe it or not, this quirky Sokcho site is dedicated to bear-shaped plush toys of all variations from big to small, plain or dressed in hanboks, skiing, diving or reading a book. The Teddy Bear Farm is a great place to spend a couple of hours if you are into cutesy stuff, local obscurities or want to take a couple of silly pictures with your friends.

  • Relax on Sokcho’s beach

    Relax on Sokcho’s beachRelax on Sokcho’s beach

    Sokcho Beach opens to the public July 1st of every year where thousands of tourists crowd the white sand beach on the East Sea. While you are here, you can have some chicken and beer or even enjoy your romantic dinner on this beautiful beach.

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