The magic beauty of Autumn in Korea

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The magic beauty of Autumn in Korea
Each season may have its perks, but autumn is the season where opportunities abound, and the surrounding foliage bursts with colour, which make you feel that you are getting lost in a dreamy world.

  • Asan Gingko Tree Road

    Asan Gingko Tree RoadAsan Gingko Tree Road

    The Asan Gingko Tree Road is a long avenue lined with towering trees, the leaves of which turn a gorgeous golden yellow in Autumn. The beauty of Autumn is how picturesque the leaves look on the trees, and also on the ground. Lining the banks of a river, the trees form a canopy tunnel of sorts above an extensive yellow carpet. Do note that this avenue is a hotspot for photographers.

    The Ginkgo trees change their color to bright golden yellow from early November. Some people say the Ginkgo leaves and seeds smell like dog poop but whatever it smells like, there are many Korean people visit this place because its beauty.

  • Nami Island

    Nami IslandNami Island

    Shot to fame as the filming location of dreamy Korean drama, ‘Winter Sonata’, Nami Island remains a staple on any traveler’s Korea itinerary. Stroll down the avenue of honey yellow trees, and watch as the sunlight reflects off the surface of the Han River. If you are up for a little more adventure, however, Nami Island is a great place to try some watersports.

    Many combine a visit to Nami Island with a visit to Petite France and Gangchon Rail Bike. Autumn brings cool temperatures and gentle winds, and the grasses are dry and smooth.

  • Damyang Metasequoia Road

    Damyang Metasequoia RoadDamyang Metasequoia Road

    Located not far from the Damyang Bamboo Garden, the Metasequoia Road was selected as one of the most beautiful roads of Korea in 2006. It has been featured in various Korean TV shows. Initially planted in 1970, the boulevard’s massive Metasequoia trees are now forming a large canopy above the road creating a beautiful scenery in every season and weather. On the Metasequoia Forest Road, electric two or four-wheelers and bikes are available for kids or families to enjoy a relaxing ride with the high trees fresh scent.

  • Jeonju Hanok Village

    Jeonju Hanok VillageJeonju Hanok Village

    This village is the center of tourism, hustle and bustle during the Autumn. The streets are filled with vendors, and you can enjoy traditional Korean games and architecture. Since Jeonju was the start of the Joseon Dynasty, it is like stepping into a preserved piece of time. A must-see destination for all those in Korea.

    Did you know that Jeonju is where bibimbap (Korean mixed rice) originated? Drop by the food street for an authentic taste and, if you wish to spend longer exploring the village, spend the night in one of the traditional houses. One interesting fact about these houses is that they employ a sub-floor heating system, ensuring that the floor remains heated no matter the season.

  • Samcheongdong


    Samcheongdong-gil Road runs from the stone wall road of Gyeongbokgung Palace to Samcheong-dong, passing through a variety of settings. The site is highly recommended in Autumn, as the ginkgo trees paint the area with striking yellow hues. Sightseers can enjoy the palace, visit the National Folk Museum of Korea, and travel along the road through the autumn atmosphere. The street is lined with small galleries and shops selling paintings and accessories.

  • Bulguksa Temple

    Bulguksa TempleBulguksa Temple

    Bulguksa Temple is found in South Korea’s ancient capital of Gyeongju, which is also fondly known as ‘the museum of wall’. One good thing about the temple stay is having the opportunity to explore the hallowed temple grounds early in the morning, where virtually no tourists are around. Take your time to wander around the various wooden and stone structures, or appreciating the vivid red foliage.

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